We’ve shared some fan-taken on-set photos from the production; now we have our first OFFICIAL set of photos released today - one above, the other below. 

Recapping… British actor/writer/director/producer Amma Asante’s period drama, titled Belle, about the trials and tribulations of a mixed-race girl, in the 1700s, stars: Gugu Mbatha-RawMiranda RichardsonTom Wilkinson, Sarah GadonSam Claflin, and Matthew Goode.

Mbatha-Raw is of course playing the lead role, Belle.

The project, which was developed and supported by the British Film Institute, with Bankside Films, the UK-based international film sales company repping the £6.5 million ($10.1 million) film, which also co-stars Tom Felton (from the Harry Potter movies), Sam Reid (playing Belle’s love interest), James Norton and Penelope Wilton (Downton Abbey).

Damian Jones (The Iron Lady) is producing, while executive producers are Steve ChristianJulie Goldstein, Ivan DunleavySteve NorrisPhil Hunt and Compton Ross.

The story takes place in the 1780s, is based on a true story - specifically, the true story of Dido Belle, a mixed-race woman raised as an aristocrat in 18th-century England; it follows Belle, adopted into an aristocratic family, who faces class and color prejudices. As she blossoms into a young woman, she develops a relationship with a vicar’s son who is an advocate for slave emancipation.

Her full name was Dido Elizabeth Belle, born 1761, died 1804; she was the illegitimate daughter of John Lindsay (a white British Naval officer) and an African slave woman known only as Belle.

We’ll continue to watch Belle, so any developments will be reported here.

It’s expected to be delivered in spring 2013.

Costumes look 1770’s, hair looks 1760’s, but I’ll take what I can get. Yay for historical films with non-white (*coughKeiraKnightleycough*) leads!

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